New York City CTO Streamlines Tech Strategy

One of the most important tasks any CTO has is to keep their organization's technology in alignment with their corporate strategy as well as with what's going on in the world of technology.  Taking a look at Minerva Tantoco's key responsibilities as the New York City CTO, we see just that.  From the govtech article (linked further below), we see the following responsibilities:

  • responsible for developing a strategic vision that ensures new technology initiatives leverage value across the entire city
  • help align tech initiatives proposed by specific agencies with the citywide strategy and then monitor their implementation

These two responsibilities capture number one and two from our Da Vinci curriculum which is Technology Alignment and Technology Strategy.

My favorite phrase from this article is that Tantoco is responsible for "imagining the future of the technology ecosystem" of the city itself.  This is a key concept in the factors that lead to innovation, the ability to visualize and create which needless to say we also capture in Da Vinci.

7CTOs loves diversity and we love to see female CTOs, so we congratulate Minerva Tantoco, although she's been the CTO for over a year now.  

Our question to you, the CTO:  When was the last time you did a technology gap analysis to gain insight in whether you technology is aligned with your corporate strategy?