Fighting the Offshoring of California Tech Jobs One Student at a Time

We are very proud of this initiative by one of our 7CTOs alum and current member of our Board of Advisors, Harold Gottschalk.  We spend a lot of time "thinking different" about the tech jobs deficit in the USA and startups like these will hopefully show that all it takes is to do the next right thing in attacking this gigantic issue.  

Here is an interesting chart by PEW Research on the growth of tech jobs in the USA from 1997 to 2012. According to this report, the number of tech jobs have increased to 6.5 million in 2014.

While that graph is an indication on the growth rate of tech jobs, the following chart is an interesting comparison between unemployment rates in the tech sector vs. overall in the USA.

I would be very interested in your comments and opinions on this data because clearly there is a lot going on here that might not be reflected in these statistics.  For instance, how many tech jobs are created by startups that aren't reported here or how much demand for tech jobs is being created where the compensation isn't in dollars but in equity.

According to Investopedia, venture capitalists funneled more than $48 billion into tech startup companies in the United States in 2014.  Here is the breakdown of investment by city:

As you can see there are many Californian cities on that list and as it turns out SoftStack Factory is based in San Diego.  From the press release:

SoftStack is looking for businesses to sponsor the boot camps and in return the students will produce an app for the company. Gottschalk would like to train up to 200 students a year and offer the course in multiple locations. "Eventually, we'd like to see if we can replicate that model outside of San Diego in other places in California or other places around the country," he says.

Let us know if you'd like to get involved or contact SoftStack Factory.