10 communication secrets of great Chief Technology Officers

As CTOs we need to focus more and more on the soft skills that come with the role of leading people.  Gone are the days of dazzling teams with your technical skills although it is of our belief that CTOs should never relinquish their first love, i.e. technology chops.  Here is a great article on the communication skills you need to master.

My personal favorites are

  • Being proactive
  • They are experts in body language
  • They speak with authority

The list goes on to mention other great qualities we need to have.

I reflect often on the privilege we technology builders have in that we get instant feedback on the code we write or the hardware we build.  It either works when you try it out or it doesn't.  If it works, you feel a sense of joy and accomplishment and if it doesn't, you turn back around and work on fixing the problem.  But as a leader of people, processes, resources near and far, there is no instant feedback loop.

We have to grow in getting things we want done accomplished by people we don't always get along with or don't necessarily like.  Great leaders are able to bring out the best in absolutely anyone.