Starbucks Hires First Chief Technology Officer

A couple interesting notes from the WSJ article.  The first highlights the phenomenal growth in mobile transactions.  I am assuming this is referring to that thing you do when your phone needs to get scanned for the barcode on your Starbucks app:

"Technology is playing an increasingly important role in Starbucks’s growth strategy as it seeks new ways to boost sales. In the U.S. 20% of transactions now are made using mobile devices, up from 9% two years ago."

The second is the note about the role of the CIO and the CTO in Starbucks.  This continues the emphasis on the role of the CTO to help shape the technology strategy of a company:

"Starbucks has had a chief information officer, whose responsibilities were similar to those Ms. Martin-Flickinger will assume, but she will play a greater role in shaping the company’s technology agenda..."

The third point is about Ms. Martin-Flickinger's responsibilities:

“Gerri is a technologist at heart,” Starbucks’ Mr. Johnson said on Tuesday. “As we continue to shape our global technology agenda at Starbucks, we needed leadership talent with deep experience in cloud, big-data analytics, mobile and security to take us to the next level.”

7CTOs congratulates Ms. Martin-Flickinger's appointment!