What makes a good CTO? Top CTOs explain their approaches

Here are a few of my favorites but there are several great observations over at JAXenter (link below).

  • "A good CTO is someone who is able to rapidly understand complex technical concepts, simplify them, and then communicate concepts to a broad audience. Creating a vision to lead the technical group of the company from this ability and being transparent as a leader." - Dave McCrory, Basho CTO
  • "CTO has to be willing and able to talk to customers and really listen.  It’s not always what they say out loud, the skill is to read between the lines and  aggregate feedback from all customers to derive future of products and services.  Direct feedback is absolutely paramount to success!" - Mark Jones, Softlayer CTO
  • "A CTO hires folks that disagree with them. The team that quietly gets their work done never has the right level of ownership. I’d rather build a team that annoys the crap out of me because they care so deeply. But the trick is exactly what they care about. They care about the product: consciously avoiding making things personal." - Dough Turnbull, OpenSource Connections CTO

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