Matt Cullerton, CTO at F#

Give us a quick introduction to yourself:

I'm originally from the Washington DC area. I have always had an affinity towards computers and software development, so naturally my collegiate studies followed suit. After school, I worked in the Defense industry, where I met my wife, who is originally from San Diego. When she wanted to move home, I jumped at the chance.

Describe the path you took to landing the role you currently play at your company.:

After school, I did a variety of roles within the Software Development lifecycle, from engineer to dev ops, which gave me a great overview how well, or not well, software companies and processes are run. After several years in the Defense industry, I started working in the startup world and have not looked back. I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and set myself on a path to become a technology leader.

What would you say your greatest challenges were before you joined 7CTOs?:

Between technical challenges, bad contractors, client demands, hiring issues - there have been too many challenges to enumerate. I'm new to the CTO role, so some of these challenges are new to me, and other challenges, while not new, require a different perspective than I have taken before.

Did your membership in 7CTOs have a direct impact on these challenges?:

Absolutely, by being able to consult with peers and the forum leaders about the challenges I face, I can work through said challenges with better support and experience. 7CTOs also nurtures personal improvements to leadership and interpersonal skills, critical to being successful in the role of CTO.

What do you love most about being part of the 7CTOs community and forums?:

I love being part of an inquisitive, engaging and diverse tech community, where everyone is very supportive.

What do you hope to accomplish over the next 6 to 12 months?:

My focus, currently, is completely dedicated to getting my business to the next step with a Series A investment. I'd like to continue my involvement with 7CTOs and the local San Diego tech community.