CMO and CTO: a natural double act.

In my role as CTO of a startup I found myself very close to the product we were developing.  Not just the technology but the "why?" are we building this product.  I find this article fascinating since it asks a few things of the CTO that I think is very timely:

  1. Be strategic about the business you're in
  2. Focus on the customer
  3. Break free from your silos
  4. Play out the scenario after you have released your new features/products

Naturally, we focus hard on these aspects at 7CTOs since it is my passion to see CTOs break free from the chains they feel around their day, week, month and move into a place of freedom to embark on these types of initiatives.  We have a few testimonials here if you'd like to see what type of impact we've had.

This is a really good read.