Is your CTO anticipating and capitalizing on new and emerging trends?

As I glean over the CTO appointments of late, I notice an interesting trend.  More and more, companies are looking to their CTOs to anticipate and capitalize on emerging trends.  Not only this but also to pursue strategies in service of innovation.

This is something we address heavily in our Da Vinci curriculum at 7CTOs under the heading of Technology Alignment.  Take a look at this recent announcement:

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 21, 2015) – NetApp, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), today announced the appointment of Mark Bregman as chief technology officer (CTO). Bregman brings more than 30 years of technology experience and a passion for the process of innovation. He has held C-level and management roles for global firms including Symantec and IBM. Most recently he was CTO of machine-learning start-up SkywriterRX, Inc., where he currently serves as a board member and an advisor.

In his new role, Bregman leads the company’s portfolio strategy and innovation agenda in support of the Data Fabric, NetApp’s vision for the future of data management. His responsibilities include evaluating where the biggest technical opportunities and risks are and helping to set and maintain a culture of innovation within NetApp’s engineering team.

“Mark will work with NetApp’s Advanced Technology Group anticipating and capitalizing on new and emerging trends,” said Joel Reich, executive vice president of Product Operations. 

As always, follow the source link to read more and 7CTOs congratulates Mark Bregman on his appointment as CTO.