Shaiwal Priyadarshi, VP Technology at IMAX

Shaiwal Priyadarshi is a member of the SAN3 forum in San Diego.  He is currently the VP of Technology over at IMAX.

Give us a quick introduction to yourself: I was born in India and moved to Scotland when I was three. After realizing that I was a bad Indian and a bad Scotsman (I don't like rice, cricket, tea, black-pudding or incessant wet and cold weather), I decided to move to America where my roots weren't as important as my ability to route - video across IP networks. After landing in Silicon Valley and living through a couple of boom/bust cycles, I slowly migrated south where the warmth of San Diego had been luring me. And now I think I'll stay.

Describe the path you took to landing the role you currently play at your company.: I have always bridged the worlds of electrical engineering and computer science. From designing and building circuit boards and the software to make them run, to optimizing video codecs based on processor architecture and ultimately architecting product portfolios consisting of hardware platforms and variable applications, I spent my early years gaining experience in not just code analysis, but budget and margin analysis too. Things get real whenever there's hardware to be developed/manufactured/sold. During the years I also moved from industrial to consumer product development, leading to jobs in good, fun companies in the entertainment space. I now work at IMAX - which is the ultimate in mixing high-tech product development with high-quality movie making.

What would you say your greatest challenges were before you joined 7CTOs?: Understanding the scope of my abilities, offerings, strengths and rights within the dynamics of a senior executive team tasked with growing a company or a division from a seed of an idea to a realised and respected business.

Did your membership in 7CTOs have a direct impact on these challenges?: Yes. 7CTOs has allowed me to observe, share, learn and teach in this community based on the experiences of many talented people dealing with similar issues, but in different environments, with different approaches and varying results.

What do you love most about being part of the 7CTOs community and forums?: At 7CTOs I am never the smartest, most geeky guy in a room. I am constantly humbled by, reminded of and educated about the fast pace of innovation in our current information/internet age - which is in stark contrast to my day-job where I experience the long development cycles of chips, circuits and physical products. The 7CTOs community offers exceptional coverage and an inside track to our modern technologies and how they are used to make many many different products.

What do you hope to accomplish over the next 6 to 12 months?: My biggest challenge is in being more involved in the 7CTOs community, contributing directly back to a group that I have learned much from, and thereby being challenged to explain myself to true peers.