Demand rising exponentially for CTOs

From a recent LinkedIn blog post (linked at the end of this post):

"Recruiters Say Demand Is Rising Exponentially For Chief Technology Officers Who Can Straddle Corporate Environments That Are Becoming More Technical In Nature. These 'Leaders Of Tomorrow' Are Growing In Stature As They Navigate Complex Environment Of Laws, Cultures, Languages, And Corporate Needs"

Of course, at 7CTOs, our mantra is that this is the age of the CTO, so we already knew all this :)  But my favorite part of the article is when the author mentions "transformative innovation":

"Mr. Freeman said that as corporate environments become more technical in nature, company leadership will be required to understand and/or have a deep background in technology. “The CEO of tomorrow will need to be able to look at what people call ‘transformative innovation’ in technology and make predictions on which their business strategy will rely,” he said."

It doesn't matter which industry you're in anymore, technology not only transforms how you do business (old) but can change your overall business strategy (new) if you're open to it.

Check out the article.