Scott Koland, CTO at Composit Group

Scott Koland is the CTO of Composit Group and a member of one of our San Diego based forums (SAN3).  Composit Group provides engineering automation solutions for manufacturing companies.

Give us a quick introduction to yourself:

I was born in Minneapolis, MN, and after taking a year of pre-engineering courses I majored in Visual Art, with much of my work being done on the computer. My wife and I decided to live in San Diego for a time because our jobs allowed us to live anywhere in the US. We had always wanted to live in California, and after touring the state we decided on San Diego.

Describe the path you took to landing the role you currently play at your company.:

After graduation, I quickly moved from web design into software development, later completing a Masters in Software Systems while working as a software engineer. For the first part of my career, I worked in education-focused companies, and later became a software consultant, taking on increasing leadership opportunities. My current role as CTO came after a relationship developed with one of the founders I met at a Give Camp, a weekend volunteering event for charities.

What would you say your greatest challenges were before you joined 7CTOs?:

The biggest challenge I faced before joining 7CTOs was stepping into the sole technology leader role at my organization. I had led many projects and teams, but being a CTO was a new role for me that brought on other challenges, including but not limited to managing and motivating very senior developers and architects.

Did your membership in 7CTOs have a direct impact on these challenges?:

The initial coursework in my 7CTOs forum did help me to be more grounded in my leadership style. I found the focus on Emotional Intelligence and teamwork that I learned about and practiced in the forum to be directly applicable to a number of day to day operations as a technology leader. And I believe I am a better leader due to the mentoring, fellowship and curriculum of the 7CTOs program.

What do you love most about being part of the 7CTOs community and forums?:

The thing I love the most about 7CTOs is the community. Being part of a cohort of technology leaders facing the same issues that I am on a daily basis, plus having a larger depth of technology leadership talent available to help me grow, are all worthwhile benefits of 7CTOs to me.

What do you hope to accomplish over the next 6 to 12 months?:

I hope that I can continue to improve my leadership skills over the coming months in 7CTOs. I enjoy how the monthly lunch and learn topic ties in to much of the forum discussion. I am looking for 7CTOs to keep me engaged in the technology leadership community, and also for me personally to keep me abreast of what may be coming down the road as far as new opportunities to expand and grow in technology and in leadership in the larger community.

Here is Scott's LinkedIn Profile.