SoftStack Factory Releases First App

SoftStack Factory, the code school aimed at transforming the informal sector with their "Flip code! Not Burgers" mantra, just launched a mobile app that was commissioned by Zebit Instant Budget, their sponsor of the Fall 2015 cohort.  From the release notes:

"Budgeting made easy. Zebit Instant Budget takes the guesswork out of budgeting by automatically creating a budget for you. Just enter your zip code, how many people live in your house, and your total household income. We’ll create you a budget instantly based on your Zip Code and people like you near where you live. Create an account to get a more detailed budget."

The founder of SSF, Harold Gottschalk, goes into some technical detail on what the students accomplished together:

"The App is available on IOS and Android as well as web and mobile web.  We created the backend server that supports the application as well.  We managed the store process, setup their AWS infrastructure, with Load Balancing, Auto scaling groups that support the  server and the web front end, with a mongo database deployed via MongoLabs using the shared cluster option, with daily backups, we also enabled alerting for the  servers and mongo too."

The sponsors website is at

SoftStack Factory ( was an idea conceived by Harold Gottschalk, massaged into reality with the help of his 7CTOs Forum members.  We at 7CTOs are incredibly proud of the impact SSF has had on the younger students seeking to enter the software development job market.

Here's a recent interview with Harold, Zebit and a student at SSF:


If you'd like to help out, please go to SoftStack Factory.