Lights! Camera! Action!

Hello! This is the first of hopefully many weekly columns from 7CTOs members. My name is Etienne de Bruin, I’m the guy who thought putting this group of people together would be a good thing for the world, and I hope to bring you quality content that will make you want to keep coming back to this blog.

7CTOs wants to put a spotlight on our members to raise your profile and the organization’s, and make the 7CTOs website a worthy destination through content. We want to highlight innovative thinking and forward-thinking cities. We’re based in San Diego, which we think is one of them, along with Austin, Portland, San Antonio and hopefully soon in Spokane.

We think original content will be most valuable if we take advantage of what’s diverse about 7CTOs membership — several varying generations and life experiences. Plus, the companies they work for are expansively diverse in the tech space. From that viewpoint, we believe we can get a wide range of perspectives.

We hope to get a vibrant conversation going, because the voice of the Chief Technology Officer, VP of Engineering or Tech Lead needs to be more and better heard. CTOs are builders, focused on technology alignment, strategy, teams and process.  Their stories of accomplishment and innovation don’t often get written about or attention paid. They deserve more. The business world deserves to hear more. 

We want 7CTOs to amplify this message, to raise awareness of the technology being built, impact being made. If you have a story to tell, especially if you’re in Portland, Austin or San Diego, let us know!