Fed CTO says USA has 600K unfilled tech jobs

CTOs not only need to manage talent, we need to find it, cultivate it, and draw it into the modern economy.

That’s not just good business sense, it’s essential to the country, according to Megan Smith, chief technology officer in the Obama administration and former Google executive.

Ms. Smith says the country currently has roughly 600,000 unfilled jobs in the tech industry because of a shortage of talent. She says both the country and the government need more “Techies.”  

The Obama administration is trying to inspire young people to pursue tech careers, she asserts. ”We're almost like a venture capitalist looking around the country at who's got the best,”she is quoted in Esquire, which sounds like a very ambitious claim for the government  to make, but good luck to them. Still, her central point is valid.

It’s also encouraging to see a CTO profiled in a mainstream magazine like Esquire, which makes the general public more aware we exist, LOL. Most people don’t, which is one of the reasons there’s a place like 7CTOs.

So: One question of the community: How does everyone feel about Ms. Smith’s use of “Techies” as the generalizing term for people who work in technology-related fields? It sounds very generic and 1980’s-sounding for what’s become a huge swath of the American workforce to me. But what do you think?

(Photo of Fed CTO Megan Smith & Hearst President David Carey courtesy of Hearst Publications and Phil Wiser)