Monsanto’s CTO talks advancements in data science, crop modeling and what’s next

Here’s an interesting piece from a publication you probably wouldn’t expect to see cited on 7CTOs: Farm Industry News.


But the long-time farm industry trade publication this week has an interview with Dr. Robert Fraley, the chief technology officer for Monsanto, the multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation.

We don’t have any opinion on Monsanto, which has been both praised at pilloried in the media over the years. But it is interesting to us that the company is focusing as much on “transformational biology and data science.”

There’s now a Monsanto app that lets a farmer get field-specific wind and weather information. They crunch temperature, rainfall and crop growth data to model the level of nitrogen in the soil.

Farley shares some interesting information in this interview, and gives a different perspective on the CTO role, as well as a bit of an inside look at just how much biology and technology influences the food we eat. Make of that what you will.