CTOs the Key to Retail Business in 2016?

One of the big ways CTOs are changing business is through retail sales leadership. Executive movement from Amazon and other online retailers to large brick'n'mortar companies shows these historic brands have learned the right CTO is critical to making a pivot towards online sales.

This week and for the third time this year, a former Amazon veteran exec was named to a key CTO role at another retailer, this time Nordstrom.

Nordstrom hired Kumar Srinivasan as its chief technology officer, a newly created position. Srinivasan spent more than five years with Amazon as GM of Amazon Payments, before becoming co-founding CEO of social media advertising platform Evocalize. Cut his teeth at Wal-Mart as a development manager, according to Linked-In.

That's three former Amazon tech execs moving to other retailers in three months. First, in January, Canadian online marketplace Shop.ca hired Tony Chvala as its CEO. Chvala had previously held e-commerce executive positions with such retail giants as Amazon, Sears and Groupon. Then, in February, Target hired Arthur Valdez to be its executive vice president and chief supply chain and logistics officer. Valdez had been Amazon’s operations VP until getting poached.

Amazon is noticing. On Monday, Amazon filed a lawsuit seeking to block Valdez from joining Target, citing an 18-month noncompete clause Valdez had signed as part of his Amazon employment agreement.

Thanks again to Internet Retailer magazine for the tip-off to this info.