“If you don’t go faster, you will be disrupted” -- An interview with the CTO of Rolta Advizex

Here’s a pretty good interview from this week’s CIO magazine with the CTO of Rolta Advizex, a global IT solutions provider in applications, data, cybersecurity, the cloud, etc.

The guy’s name is Paul Timmerman, and it sounds like he’s got a pretty wide remit, and we were impressed by the amount of ground he covers in a reasonably short article, as well as how much of it relates to the things we discuss and consider in 7CTOs:

  • What is your focus as CTO?

  • How does Internet of Things change security?

  • How has consumer-facing tech affected B2B?

  • How has the CTO role evolved over the years?

  • What is the biggest tech challenge to conquer by 2020?

One of the most relevant points Timmerman makes, and which completely dovetails with 7CTOs philosophy and reason for being, is that The days of going it alone are OVER.

“The days of the lone IT leader are numbered,” he says, smartly. “As a CTO, you need the right partnerships to meet your goals and objectives to make sure your company doesn’t get disrupted.”

He’s speaking about corporate partners, but the message can easily and logically be extrapolated to peers and co-workers as well. There’s just too much, coming too fast, in an age of constant and explosive change and technological evolution, for any one person to try and comprehend solely on their own -- if nothing else, it can make you insular and contemptuous of others (see: genius/abuser Steve Jobs).

We’re not saying the modern CTO shouldn’t be a leader; s/he should be. But there needs to be a collaborative spirit, an empathetic understanding of the perspective of others, that will make a company transcend from competitive to great. It’s one of the valid points Timmerman touches on, but there are others as well and we recommend you read his interview with CIO.