Rackspace CTO: “No-one is Bigger than the Software Revolution”

Springboarding off yesterday’s post regarding the views of Paul Timmerman, CTO of Rolta Advizex, we were gratified to see another top CTO echoing 7CTOs belief that nobody goes it alone and succeeds.

This has always been the case, but it’s becoming increasingly true in the 21st Century’s rapidly shifting business world, which is largely driven by technological advancement.

While we admit the “lone-wolf” hero is a romantic concept, one Hollywood has been selling it to us for years -- from “Die Hard” to “Steve Jobs” --  the broader truth, as voiced in this article about Rackspace CTO John Engates, is that no one person is larger than the revolution, be it software or whatever.

But that’s not the only worthwhile thing Engates talks about in this article. He also recognizes how important it is for IT professionals to step up and lead, to transcend support roles that are about “keeping the lights on,” and embrace innovation to transform their companies into “something new and different.”

That, too, is what 7CTOs is about. The world is changing, and requires a new mind set -- one that blends both technology and an empathetic humanity. 7CTOs is trying to cultivate that kind of human being: A leader whose skills are as adept in face-to-face conversation as they are behind a keyboard.

One way to do that is to carry your confidence and humility in equal proportion, and remember no one is bigger than the global change that is sweeping our planet. There is no single, lone-wolf Hollywood-stylized hero who is going to change the world. But all of us working together, with intelligence and empathy, are guaranteed to make the earth a better place.

Have a great weekend. Do something good. See you back in this space Monday.