Mashable Highlights Four Cities as "Emerging Tech Hubs"

Great piece in Mashable today, highlighting four metropolitan regions that are challenging Silicon Valley as tech hubs in the US. We’re pleased to see our hometown HQ, San Diego, clock in at #1, with other cities on the 7CTOs bullseye -- Seattle, Denver and Los Angeles -- also getting the nod.

All of the cities share a few key characteristics, according to Mashable, that make them viable contenders for the virtual crown:

  • Talent pool

  • Resources

  • Opportunity

  • Lifestyle

In each city’s case, it’s not like Mashable is looking for balance -- they’re usually quoting somebody from the city’s Economic Development Corporation, so we’re not getting an unbiased opinion. But to Mashable’s credit, this isn’t some listicle or quick read either. Each city gets good space to make their case and it’s pretty convincing.

It’s interesting all four cities are west of the Mississippi, and three of them live on the PST. With East Coast metro areas like Boston, Baltimore and Atlanta all trying to get a piece of the Silicon Valley action, we expect there are some busy PR people this morning pitching for a followup article that tosses some love Atlantic-side.