Check Out Facebook CTO’S Tour Of New Seattle Engineering Offices

Cool video on Geekwire this week, a tour of Facebook’s huge new office building in Seattle, which brings together their entire engineering team, which had been spread across multiple addresses and scattered building floors.

Running commentary of the tour comes via Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer, who walks us through the nearly 200,000 square foot building, which currently employs 1,000 people but has room for double that amount. The inside look is typical tech buildout --- exposed ductwork, raw concrete floors and unpainted plywood walls. Somewhere along the line Schroepfer notes the unfinished look is a reminder that its work to connect everyone on the planet is far from done. Somewhere, the PR expert who must’ve coined that phrase is smiling.

The new building is almost surely a stake in the ground for Facebook in the Seattle market, an out-of-towner now slugging it out with hometown HQ tech behemoths like Amazon and Microsoft (plus countless startups). All of them are in a constant talent war, so a great new building may be an element of appeal for prospective engineers’ employment. As long as there’s no collusion among executives about hiring and salaries, it’s all good.

Think this is worth ten minutes of your time for a few reasons: Interesting to get a look and hear the voice of Facebook’s CTO; the new Facebook office is hip but almost a cliche at this point, though undeniably impressive; and some insight to the steps multi-billion dollar companies are taking in the battle to lure talent.