The Next Steps in Cloud Computing, According to Joyent’s CTO

We found an interesting interview with Bryan Cantrill, CTO of cloud infrastructure provider Joyent, in eWeek last week. Cantrill is also a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which was formed last summer to promote the development and adoption of container technologies, so when he floats ideas about what’s coming in the way of cloud computing, it’s smart to listen.

Cantrill’s view is that the industry has reached a point where cloud computing is no longer about reducing cost but instead about empowering developer velocity. Companies are “disrupting themselves before they get disrupted” by others, and speed is of the essence.

Moreover, Cantrill points out, companies have been burned by outsourcing software development and are increasingly taking these responsibilities in-house. In previous tech revolutions, a good number of conservative companies would hold back, let others leave some “blood on the floor” and reap the benefits of learning from others’ mistakes. Nobody can afford to do that any longer, as things are moving too fast.

“If people are allowed to resist change they will, but the change is happening and it's really not optional. If you don't inflict this change on your way of doing business, somebody will do it to you,” Cantrill says in the eWeek interview, and we at 7CTOs think this sums up exactly the way we want our members to always be thinking -- change the world now, because if we wait, somebody else may change it for us….and in a way we don’t like nearly as much.

Never stop learning, leading and being an instrument of positive change! Have a great week, everyone!