Forbes: How the Technology Exec Role Will Change by 2020

We nearly missed this story from Forbes last week, but didn’t feel too badly about it because apparently everybody else did, too.

Before we get to it, though, it’s worth asking the question -- how does one of the country’s leading business publications, touting an ostensibly clickbait headline like “How The Technology Executive Role Will Change By 2020,” have less than 1,000 views a week later? Somebody’s dropping the ball on their marketing and social media duties.

But that’s not our problem, just an observation. Otherwise, this is a pretty solid 15-point article compiled through the Forbes Technology Council , offering thoughts on how the CTO and other technology executive roles will continue to evolve in the next few years.

We won’t recap them all here, but we were especially fond of #3: CTOs Will Look at the Human Factor. Forbes writes: “As much as being a CIO/CTO is about technology, never forgot the people behind it. Our industry suffers from “Shiny Object Syndrome” (everyone’s self-induced pressure to keep up with tech to stay relevant). But those are short term. CTOs should train and nourish the soft skills that make them great, regardless of the tech….”

There are a lot of other good points, too, most of which regard an expansion of the role and responsibilities, particularly as it relates to security, experimentation and business development.

We’re not crazy about the UX on this story, where you’re required to click through four pages to read the whole thing (Forbes must be desperate for pageviews), but the content is legit. Makes good food for thought to start the week.