Technology & the Future of Elections

It’s primary day here in California, as well as five other states, and we found a fun article from the BBC this week about how technology will influence and change future elections even more than it has this year.

Candidate holograms that create multiple “candidate” appearance speeches on simultaneous stages around the country? Direct marketing drones dropping campaign fliers on the populace? An Artificial Intelligence computer running for office?

All of that (maybe) and more is in our future, as technology and big data change the playing field in politics as much as it has in business and….baseball.   The article even makes a point of comparing the changes coming to politics via technology to the changes that overtook baseball strategy in the wake of extreme number crunching and data analysis, brought to the awareness of the general public in the book and later film “Moneyball.”

BBC talks to a fringe presidential candidate and “futurist and transhumanist” Zoltan Istvan, who says that the ultimate logical choice will be for a machine to be president. “As long as it doesn’t become the Terminator,” he adds.

Yeah, we’d like veto power on that.