Seagate CTO Disputes Claims Hard Disk Drives Are All But Dead

We’ve enjoyed seeing the spike in readership for the 7CTOs blog, but we’re not getting much in the way of engagement -- nobody comments. :-/

Why is that? Are people too busy? Are CTOs generally not commenters? Are we not making the blog controversial enough?

With all that in mind (well, maybe not the controversy stuff), we thought we’d further circulate a piece from the ArandTech blog about the great technological advancements allegedly being made in the hard disk drive (HDD) industry. Reading it, our overwhelming thought was that it was like reading a call-to-arms from the buggy-whip industry after the invention of the automobile. But maybe we’re wrong, and we wonder what our readers think.

Have solid-state disk drives (SSD) and the cloud pretty much made the hard disk drive industry all-but-obsolete? Is there a future for the hard disk drive? Is cloud storage overpraised? Too risky? What do you think?

The ArandTech piece interviews Seagate’s CTO Mark Re, who gets three separate supporting articles to make his point. PC Mag offers this contrast: “Do you like your storage plentiful and cheap, or do you like it fast and safe?” That’s the difference between a traditional hard drive and a solid-state drive.

But we think the latter will overtake the former in those areas as well, though not yet. Comments on the ArandTech piece suggest HDD could be gone in a year or two. Is that realistic?