Forbes Offers “10 Ways Your Technology Department Can Get Ahead This Summer”

Good summertime business reading in Forbes today, via their “Forbes Technology Council,” which can be a mixed bag, content-wise, but sometimes delivers gems of insight.

Today’s piece offers ten ways a technology department can improve itself over the summer months. As the piece notes, with many people on vacation, “[S]ummer is a great time to push ahead with less deadline-oriented projects. For instance, summer is perfect for learning new technologies, investing in new skills, and preparing your team for product sprints in the fall.”

We’ll hit the headline highlights here as teaser, but recommend you read the entire piece. Even if only half the takeaways are on target (and we’d say more than half), it’ll be worth your time.  Here goes:

  • Learn And Evaluate New Technologies

  • Always Be Hacking

  • Plan Brainstorming

  • Focus On Learning Before The Fall Sprint

  • Have A Roadmap And Break The Cycle

  • Focus On Productivity And Progress Over Play

  • Invest In Skills And Clear The Decks

  • Leverage Interns

  • Evolve

  • Keep Up Your Momentum

The Forbes piece makes good points about balancing down time with vision, focusing on important but not necessarily timely long-term development of staff and overall core business loyalties and attributes.