Forbes Suggests the 7 Questions to Ask before Choosing Your Technology Stack

We check in again today with the Forbes Technology Council, for a piece written by Chicago tech entrepreneur Mike Hostetler, who comes up with a helpful list of seven questions to ask when a CTO or his (or her) company is putting together their technology stack.

Like many decisions, Hostetler says, “Choosing the right technology stack is half art and half science.”  If you blow it on the balance, it can cause a train wreck for your product. Hostetler says these are the seven questions they ask before adding a new technology to the mix:

  • What does the talent landscape for the technology look like?

  • What is the culture around the technology?

  • Who’s backing the technology, and why?

  • How mature is the developer tooling?

  • How easy is it to build and share solutions?

  • What are the maintenance needs?

  • What are the technology dependencies?

Hostetler goes into detail for each of these seven checkpoint questions, and says they need to be asked not just of your main technology, but of every technology it depends on, until you’re sure you have a chain that can support your business.

Worth a read!