Simple Advice in Difficult Times

Since yesterday’s 7CTOs blog entry was about tech and war, the original plan for today was to be about tech and love, or at least sex, and the persistent ongoing pitch to make “Sextech” a thing, like AdTech. Clickbait, sure, but also an interesting subject.

But there are days when it seems poor form -- or grossly irresponsible -- for any brand or organization to just blithely press onward, spouting cheery messages about our noble philosophy and goals, a paragon of blind optimism at best. On a day like today, after the Dallas news, it seems best to say nothing, or the most simple of sincere messages.

So, in lieu of silence, we thought we’d take the simple message route and hope it’s not out of line. Please consider: Pray. Then act.

If you are not someone who prays, we presume you are no nihilist (7CTOs strives for the opposite of nihilism!), and ask you to consider a quiet appeal to humanity's or your own higher self.  

Politicians often suggest we pray after an American tragedy, and they ar not wrong but they are not all right. Prayer without action is worthless. Our prayers are for guidance, wisdom and unity of all men and women, but your prayers should be your own. Then go out and do something about it. 

Reach out to someone from another race, a different religion, a police officer, make a human connection. Remember we’re all in this together, like the cliche says, yes, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

Times are difficult, and there are always dark powers that prosper in times of chaos. The way to defeat these masters of chaos is not through further violence -- that only feeds their cause, encourages their evil. It can only come through a mass movement of all good people, who stand up for an end to chaos and violence and secrecy and lies. 

As a wise man once said to me, it doesn’t require an epic effort from any one of us, because “If each of us just do our little bit, their corruption will soon fall under its own weight.” [h/t Kris Milligan]