"Technology is not what we seek -- it’s how we seek"

We’ve always cast a cynical eye towards the job description “Futurist,” because the best definition we’ve ever heard of it came from our old friend (and Futurist!) Sean Carton, who said, “Basically, you just call yourself a ‘Futurist’ and most people will repeat it.”

That said, Forbes has an intriguing interview today with the Futurist Gerd Leonard, who’s got a new book called “Technology vs. Humanity,” which claims we’re at a critical point in history and pretty soon people are going to have to choose “whether they’re on team humanity...or not.”

Boy, you thought the 2016 presidential elections were high stakes!

Leonard says humanity is going to change more in the next 20 years than it has in the previous 300. That’s because “Technology is no longer just a tool we use to achieve something. Every single technological change is now impacting humanity much deeper than ever before because [it] will soon impact our own biology, primarily via the rise of genome editing and artificial intelligence.”

While it’s possible we may yet change our minds about this melding of man and machine, or “Transhumanism,” currently it sounds pretty creepy, like a cyborg version of the Nazi quest for a “Master Race.” And Leonard agrees with us -- as he says, “Technology is not WHAT we seek, but HOW we seek….we should embrace technology but not become it.”

Leonard also discusses a “post capitalist” world, where food, water and energy are in abundance, while robots and machines do most of the work. He suggests that GDP as a metric will be replaced by GNH (gross national happiness), as society makes a mass global pivot towards a Utopia where “exponential tech will make things exponential abundant.”

The interview is loaded with interesting stuff, and asks questions that nobody seems to want to talk about because the answers all go in places that the current economic model (and the people who run it) doesn’t hold any sway. We think 7CTOs and our members can be part of this consciousness shift.