FT Says “Tech Triathletes” Badly Needed

WIth the Olympics ending yesterday, today seemed a good time to take a last-dash chance on finding subject matter relevant to the games. Apparently the Financial Times felt the same way.

An article in today’s FT makes a tenuous leap for the athletic metaphor by writing “Technology Triathletes Wanted” on today’s op-ed page. Amazingly (because the obviousness of the fact seems self-evident in today’s world) the central premise of the article is that every company or organization must have a technologist on staff.

The case is convincing, even if the metaphor is not. Columnist Anne-Marie Slaughter (ouch) opens with “It is time to celebrate a new breed of triathletes, who work in technology.” She then explains this means talent that, over the course of their careers, spends time in the public, private and civic sectors.

We’ll beg off on trying to explain how work = athletics, since Ms. Slaughter never does, but fortunately she quickly drops the dumb metaphor to discuss how “solving public problems requires collaboration among government, business and civil society. Aspiring problem solvers need the culture and language of all three sectors and to develop a network of contacts in each.”

That we like. We also like the Financial Times a lot -- arguably the best mainstream English language newspaper on the planet -- and always like to share good pieces when they’re not locked up behind the paywall. This is one of them.