The Internet of (Dumb) Things

As we’ve noted in this space previously and elsewhere, one of our least favorite things is technology simply for the sake of itself with no deeper or useful purpose.

If 7CTOs reason for being is the creation of better, wiser, more empathetic tech execs, it would follow that these type of people would, in turn, create better, more useful, more egalitarian products. Which also mean we would be opposed to the opposite: meaningless, flawed, stupid products.

For quite some time, “The Internet of Things” was the hot topic among the tech intelligensia, and in some ways it still is, but the general public doesn’t seem to be buying into the hype….and with good reason.

That’s why we got a big kick out of this article from TechDirt, probably our favorite snarky tech news site, about “The Internet of Broken Things” -- i.e., how stupid your home’s smart devices actually are, as “the security of connected products is absolutely nowhere to be found” and  “companies are introducing thousands of new attack vectors in every home and business network the world over.”

The story also introduced us to the Twitter account “The Internet of Sh!t,” which chronicles daily the latest worthless tech creation, or, as one retweeted missive stated, “Every problem being solved in tech right now is because some privileged [jerk] misses having his mom around to pick up after him.”

Obviously, we don’t agree with that (though we did LOL). But we do think that too much technology -- at least technology that gets clickbait coverage from the popular tech press -- is focused on self-satisfaction and not the greater good of humanity. Not to mention the oblivious (hopefully it’s oblivious, and not by design) attitude about their customers’ security, to the point where they’re not even trying.

So if a smart house isn’t actually smart and more like a naive, well-meaning idiot who opens up occupants to blackmail and extortion possibilities, well, chances are that smart house will be lobotomized quickly. The tech-savvy are fickle, as this recent study chronicling the severe drop in Wearables usage showcases.

Which brings us back, full-circle to 7CTOs, what we stand for and what we want our members to stand for. Be useful. Think big picture. And keep the greater good in mind.