Female Tech Leaders Considered on #WomenEqualityDay

It’s Women Equality Day, and that’s worth noting on 7CTOs because not enough of our members are women. That is most certainly not by design, and we hope this column will be a catalyst to help expand our ranks of female members.

Part of the problem, of course, is that men in the CTO role outnumber women at that level by a significant number -- so unbalanced that we couldn’t even find a concrete number for how much men dominate the tech exec suite. But a few other anecdotal comparisons show the discrepancy throughout the industry:

The female CTO is not completely non-existent, of course. The website Women 2.0 compiled a list of twelve noteworthy women in the top tech role. So they do exist. We’ll ironically note that the notoriously bro-centric GoDaddy’s CTO is a woman.

We’re no more fans of diversity for the sake of diversity than we are fans of technology for the sake of technology, but c’mon -- these numbers are ridiculous. We also decry the dumbed-down testosterone-fueled culture of too many tech cultures, especially on the startup scene that is decidedly unwelcoming for women.

So, on Women Equality Day, there might not be a more appropriate industry to look at the playing field than the tech biz. Though I suppose there are the Mad Men of advertising. But if that’s the standard we’re holding tech to, we’ve still got a looooong way to go.