Two for Five

Couple interesting listicles today, one from Computerworld, the other The Guardian. The first is about the future, the other about right now.

Computerworld has a short, somewhat obvious article about the “The Five Technologies that Will Change Our LIves in Five Years” -- it’s mostly stuff you already (hopefully!) know, the A.I.’s and the A.R.’s, but it’s always good to get the reinforcement:

The article is actually a condensed rundown of a recent Forrester Report of the same name, so we’re getting rather meta here -- Computerworld hijacked the Forrester material, now we’re hijacking that. Ah, the internet content wars.

Meanwhile, The Guardian offers a quick thumbnail (or, since it’s five points, maybe we’re talking a whole hand) introduction to Apple’s new version of its Mac operating system – Sierra – which became available yesterday, replacing OS X with macOS.

We suspect it’s more about Apple Pay than anything (which The Guardian notes, if last), though it does bring Siri :-/ to the Mac. It also brings “Universal Clpboad,” which allows for easy cut’n’paste transfer of content between computers. There’s also a ramping up of the iCloud Drive, allowing you to sync files and folders on the desktop between machines and to iPhones or iPads -- everything not organised is accessible from multiple machines.

Finally, the tabbed interface that originated in browsers is now all but ubiquitous in Sierra. “From text editors to photos editing, budgeting apps and email, hitting the ‘Merge All Windows’ option under the Window drop down in the status bar merges the windows from one app into one tabbed interface.“

We’ve not installed the new OS on our MacBook Air as yet -- we’re gunshy about slowing down our computer, even if the cautionary tales of such things happening every time Apple revises an OS may only be apocryphal -- but wonder about our readers: Have any of you? What’s it done to your computer speed?