September ends, last of the month, shift of the season, completion of the quarter, Q3. October beckens, fall, a reset from summer, turn, turn, turn.

Resets are our mind after having to reset our nearly brand new PC this morning, something we hope will be a rare happening. A quick search on the history of resets for computers took us to this Mental Floss article on how Bill Gates regrets creating CTRL+ALT+DEL. He blames, IBM, LOL, for the forced quit trio.

We also re-discovered the much-maligned 2000’s web comic of the same name, which was a “thing” about the same time that other forgotten digital highlights of a decade ago, like Rocketboom and America Online. We read it for a little while but don’t ever recall laughing.

So reset your perspective this weekend as October begins. Certainly if you head to any retailer, you'll see them beginning to put your thoughts on Hallowe'en (or, perhaps, even Christmas).