Revolutionizing Performance and Output with Better Tools

Our guest for today once worked as Bill Gates’ technology advisor, and he’s here to share what he learned in that role and throughout the course of his technology career. Aaron Contorer, of FP Complete, joins us for this episode of 7CTOs.

FP Complete is a high-end software engineering tools and capabilities company based in San Diego that Aaron started five years ago. The focus at FP Complete is on tools for developer productivity and DevOps productivity and engineering methodologies. They help companies that are building and deploying custom software, they help them be more successful at what they do.

In this episode, Aaron explains why tools dominate everything we do, why functional programming is something we are all going to use eventually, and which FP language is the best and which one should you avoid.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why functional programming and DevOps are two tips of the same iceberg.

  • Did he actually reject a job offer from Bill Gates three times before saying yes?

  • Is functional programming the future for everyone?

  • The #1 issue most teams face today, and what you can do about it right now.

  • Why CTOs must get reliable deployments immediately.

  • And so much more!

If you'd like more information on FPComplete and their services, please e-mail Robert.