The Da Vinci Curriculum

7CTOs has worked tirelessly on marrying the factors that lead to innovation with the responsibilities of the Chief Technology Officer.  We will continue to post our modules over time in order to help CTOs across the United States sharpen their toolset.  A critical component of the Da Vinci curriculum is the SEVENs forum experience in your city so you should contact us as soon as you feel the need to take this a step further.


January: T02 : Motivating Your Engineering Teams

February: T04 : Your Personality

March: E04 : The CTO’s role in Process Optimization

April: E02 : Estimation

May: C01 : Your C-Suite

June: C07 : Your Career Path

July: R03 : Products & Emotions

September: A01 : Understand Your Business

October: A02 : Own Your Domain

November: S03 : Collective Insight

December: S07 : Build, Buy or Partner