San Diego Chapter Meeting

  • MyOffice 6060 Nancy Ridge Drive San Dieg0, CA 92121 USA

A monthly - all forum - lunch and learn style event. 

This month's topic: Your Sales & Marketing Team:

Understanding Each Others Perspective and Proactively Building Relationship Bridges

Continuing our exploration of leadership dynamics within the enterprise, we are going to examine the relationship between our technology function and the sales/marketing function of the business. When this relationship is at its best, each function works seamlessly together to anticipate and meet customer needs, building a consistent value stream and customer loyalty. When this relationship is at its worst, each function works hard to protect itself from the other and customer satisfaction deteriorates while costs go up.

Learn to speak S & M. Use your skills to uncover what Sales is really asking for (and what their fears are). Work with Marketing to anticipate (and verify) your customers future needs. You can be the proactive player in building better understanding between these key functions.