What do you really like to do?

By March 30, 2017Uncategorized

Raji Arasu is not only making her place in business, she’s innovating it. As the Senior Vice President, Platform and Services, CTO-Dev, at Intuit, she’s changing the way business is done too.

According to her LinkedIn, Arasu is leading a global organization that is responsible for the platforms and service that enable business teams to build products for Intuit’s customers.

We’re all familiar with Intuit products: Turbo Tax, Quickbooks, and Mint. You probably use them in your personal or business lives (and with startups these two lives are basically the same thing). It used to be that if a woman was helping her husband with his business, she often did the bookkeeping. Well, now there is a woman leading the software used for bookkeeping.

Arasu’s former roles include, CTO, VP of Product Technology for StubHub and VP of Technology at eBay. Her first role at eBay was Senior Manager, Specialty Sites in 2001, when everyone was trying to use the site to sell those bean-filled plush toys people bought by the dozen in the 90’s. (Beanie Babies).

In an interview with The Daily Muse, Arasu gives the following advice to professionals: “The best advice I can give is to figure out what you want really want to do . I find that people—friends, co-workers, and peers—sometimes follow titles. When you do that, you often lose perspective of what you really like to do.” This advice is so universal for all professionals: male, female, fresh out of college, seasoned, right-handed or left-handed.

From all of us at 7CTOs, thank you Raji Arusu for reminding us what it means to have a fulfilling career.