002 Nishant Mathew

Today it seems the phrase “adding value” is the trendiest thing for a company to offer its clients. But one organization is going beyond that trend and is actually multiplying the value of their clients. That organization is igocki and its founder and CTO is here for today’s episode. 

On this 7CTOs show Nishant Mathew of igocki joins us to talk about where his company’s unique name comes from, what they do at igocki that makes them so different and what technology he is most excited about right now. Listen in for all of that and more on this episode of 7CTOs.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Where did his company, Igocki, come from?
  • Is digitizing your current process always the best solution?
  • Why his company isn’t just a group of “rent-a-coders”.
  • Should you go native or not with your framework?
  • What technologies is Nishant most excited about?
  • And so much more! 

Nishant is originally from south India and spent his first 18 years in Abu Dhabi. From the Middle East he moved to Indiana where he attended a private engineering college. In college he followed in his dad’s footsteps, like he says all good Indian sons do, and became a mechanical engineer.

It didn’t take long for him to realize it was not a career he would love! But when his sister got married and moved to Houston, Nishant’s dad suggested he move to Texas to be closer to her. So he did and in the proceeding 17 years he founded and became the Chief Technology Officer of igocki.

The unusual name igocki comes from his oldest son, Aidan. When Aidan was a boy he started speaking early, around 8 or 9 months of age. He used the igocki and eventually Nishant and his wife figured out Aidan was making up shortcuts to entire phrases. So when he was saying the word igocki what he meant was Can I go get it? 

When Nishant understood that phrase he told his wife if he ever started a company he would call it igocki. His wife reminded him of that promise later on when Nishant did start his present-day company and so igocki was named.

On today’s episode Nishant shares that amusing anecdote as well as what the purpose of igocki. His organization is a custom solutions development firm. So when they work with someone they look at the client’s core and get an understanding of what that core means. They are prepared with that knowledge when they walk into the client’s doors.

During their working relationship the team at igocki gets rid of all things that are stopping the client from reaching their goals. They also figure out the best way technology can augment the client’s business innovations or find ways the client can use technology to drive their value up. 

Nishant says often people don't know how technology can help them. Often the clients are trying to take their current process and digitize it. But igocki doesn't stop there, they figure out how to optimize it or innovate on how the client's process work. They are looking for ways to help their clients give more value to the clients’ audiences. 

When he was asked about coding and his thoughts on a potential client situation, Nishant’s answers show how focused he is on that value. He has always been in the open source world or Microsoft world. He has made every effort to be solutions-centric for his clients.

Also on today’s episode he explains what he would do if a client came to him and wanted a mobile app built that connects to their existing data, why an ionic framework is often more suitable than a native one, and what he thinks about data modeling and predictive analytics. Listen in for his insights on all of that and more on this episode of 7CTOs!


We're really interested in multiplying value.
We believe technology is the best way to help organizations.
Hybrid is a much more cost-effective solution.