003 Juliet Correnti and Ken Cone

Show Notes:

Our passion at 7CTOs is to see technology leaders like you move forward together. On each episode of the podcast chief technology officers from around the world will join the discussion to share their experiences and the wisdom those experiences have granted them. 

On today’s episode Juliet Correnti and Ken Cone of Radeus Labs are here to talk about what they do, what their mission and vision for Radeus Labs is. We’ll also discuss how lean principles are effectively and efficiently transforming their employees, how they serve their clients and their overall business efforts. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is a “ruggedized computer” exactly?
  • Why focusing on the growth of their employees is integral to their success.
  • Does everyone have permission to experiment and fail at Radeus Labs?
  • What is foremost on CTO Ken Cone’s mind right now?
  • Why developing business partnerships has been critical for Radio Slabs’ growth.
  • And so much more! 

At Radeus Labs, a small team of dedicated and driven people build industrialized and ruggedized computers and devices. Heading up that small team is Juliet Correnti as the Chief Executive Officer and Ken Cone as the Chief Technology Officer. 

We sat down for a chat about how they serve their customers, why lean principles are how the entire staff starts each work day and what they are both most excited about in the future. 

Although they are a small organization the group at Radeus Labs thinks big. Juliet and Ken explain they are focused on following lean principles internally and also focused on the growth and nurturing of the talent they have on staff. They want to grow their people from within.

With that in mind they start each work day at 7am with either lean principles or some type of training. Typically they spend an hour together, with the first 30 minutes devoted to quick, lean exercises to create an improvement somewhere in their efforts. The next 30 minutes usually involve going to one station in the office to learn and watch what it done there.

It’s important to note that at Radeus Labs everyone has permission to try new things. In fact, employees are not just encouraged to try and fail but they are encouraged to innovate, to take a shot at doing something new and to fail in the process. 

For example they recently moved some new equipment in their office from one station to another. The reason? So they could build and test this equipment in the same spot, thereby making the process from build to test more efficient. They’re in the process of evaluating whether or not doing so is beneficial. 

They are constantly evolving, evaluating and transforming how they do business in every area. In fact Ken recalls a time when he was traveling for a week and wasn’t in the office at all. When he returned the facility was visibly different! He got the full impact of just how many improvements and changes they make every week. It was an exciting realization for him, and something that still lights him up today.

What also lights him up is the relationships they are building. He is excited their people are learning and developing their own technology. He’s also excited about the CTOs they’ve been working with through 7CTOs.

And he’s also thrilled with the work they have been doing with 7CTO co-founder Michael Saul. They hired him to help them solidify and unite their mission and vision for the future of Radeus Labs.

Juliet agrees with those same exciting trends in their business. She’s also keen on the growth opportunities and possibilities available right now. She’s thrilled their board of directors has given them the green light to think big, and not stifle their creativity and their innovation. Thinking big and thinking long-term has helped Radeus Labs build a great team of people. Those same people are ensuring the business runs as a well-oiled machine that provides quality service and products for their customers. 

Also on today’s episode Juliet and Ken both weigh in with their advice for entrepreneurs, and why it’s important to build a support network outside of your business. Listen in to hear all of that and more on today’s show!


Every employee not only has permission but is required to try.

We're a small company but we have big dreams.