Etienne de Bruin

CEO & Co-Founder

Etienne de Bruin is co-founder and CEO of 7CTOs, Inc., an organization that seeks to build the world's best Chief Technology- Officers. By creating close knit communities of CTOs, Etienne's passion is to out-innovate the rest of the world and secure the USA's dominance in global economic competitiveness.

Etienne has extensive experience in software development, from implementing encryption protocols that secure network traffic to building web products and services that simplify complex tasks. Most recently, as CTO of Monk Development, he designed and built the Ekklesia 360 Content Management System to help churches manage their web presence. He was also chief architect of the Cobblestone Community Web App, Monk ID Authentication Service and the Monk Checkout E-Commerce solution. Etienne hand picked and led engineering teams large and small during various stages of product development life cycles.

A native of South Africa who has evolved into a passionate cheerleader for the freedom and opportunity offered in the United States, Etienne graduated from Stellenbosch University and, worked in the private sector in South Africa before moving to Aachen, Germany in 1997. In 2000 he and his wife moved to San Diego, where they currently live with their three young children. E-mail him any-time at:

Michael Saul

CSO & Co-Founder

Michael is co-founder of Possibilities Consulting. He specializes in guiding organizations through cultural and values-based change through visioning, strategic planning, transition management, leadership development and high performance team development. Michael's clients include Fortune 100 companies including Hewlett Packard, Intel, Cardinal Health and Medtronic.

Michael is also co-founder and CEO of Human Potential Tools, which builds software platforms to improve employee accountability and communication for organizations. HPTs first product, meetingSamuraiā„¢ is currently in Beta.

E-mail him any time at:

Michael SaulLeon de Bruin

Science Advisor & Financial Controller

Leon de Bruin's decades of science and engineering experience has been infused with a passion to see the next generation increase its competitive edge through innovation. He is instrumental in keeping 7CTOs on track -- our curriculum, our scientific engagement and our overall focus to use technology as a means for collaboration.

E-mail him anytime at

Stacie Rosa

Executive Assistant

As enthusiastic as she is competent, Stacie is an amazingly organized mother of two boys and care-taker of 7CTOs. She began working with Etienne in 2014 as his executive assistant, and quickly grew into the role of master juggler and organizer of all things.

E-mail her any time at: