A CTO Who Moved from Microsoft to Money Management….for All the Right Reasons

One of our favorite things is when people create something out of passion or a hunger to help others and the end product organically becomes successful because a genuine need has been filled for all the right reasons.

There was a good story in Business Insider over the weekend, concerning a couple Microsoft guys who created an app to help to help friends and co-workers manage their finances in an age when there is an increasing (and increasingly deserved, some might say) distrust of money managers.

The two (now former) Microsoft guys, Jon Xu and Bo Lu developed what even they call an “awesomely complicated spreadsheet” that helped people figure out how to earn more bangs from your buck.

It was a hit among his friends, and soon enough Xu and Lu exited Microsoft and turned the passion project into a business: FutureAdvisor. Xu took on the CTO role, with Lu as CEO. But the big surprise was when FutureAdvisor got acquired by the world’s largest asset-management firm.

So now, an inherently benevolent digital creation has been absorbed into the globe’s biggest money manager. Let’s hope this proves a good thing — the guys in the Business Insider article say it is.

Can you think of other examples like this? We’d be interested. Have a great week!