How to Safely Steal a Conference Room Through Technology

By June 22, 2016 May 6th, 2017 No Comments

From one blog to another, we take you today to the blog of Brooklyn-based digital innovations agency HUGE.

They published a piece last week that should be near and dear to the hearts of anyone who works at a company with an open-space floor plan and is at least occasionally on the hunt for an open meeting room.

The blargticle (blog + article….we just made that up. Catchy?) first points out the two big reasons conference room calendars fail: Because the customary ways of finding an open space — checking an Outlook (or other) virtual calendar and walking around to see what rooms are empty — are in direct conflict: “The fundamental problem here is that you have two sets of data that you need to mentally reconcile before making a decision, but it’s difficult to evaluate them at the same time.”

Exactly.  HUGE’s solution was the creation of an app called HelloRoom, which would be downloaded on tablets placed outside each meeting room. In short, it ties together all the meeting rooms, shows whether that one should or will be in use whether there’s anyone in it or not at the moment.

But what the steady readers of this blog will likely dig the most is that HUGE explains how they did it, from UX to tech execution. After reading it, any of our adept 7CTOs members could probably put something like this together themselves. Though I’m sure HUGE would rather you buy it as an app.