7CTOs/Elevate Weekly Call: Agrotech

Each week we host a call for all members of the 7CTOs & Elevate Communities.  Our goal is to help each other get unstuck on issues we might be facing.

We all have days we rush in and out of, and the purpose of this call is to take a break from that frenetic energy, from your colleagues and direct reports, and to surround yourself with peers and like minded technology leaders.

This week’s topic: Agrotech

The numbers are concerning. In the 1930s, a single farmer generated enough food to feed four people in a year. In the 1970s, that number increased to 73, and then to 155 in 2010. In the next 30 years, each farmer will need to feed approximately 264 people to keep pace with the escalating world population. And, again, this increase in food production must be achieved on that same sliver of land. This already arduous task is compounded by an aging and dramatically shrinking agricultural workforce and the need to be environmentally conscious.

So, how does the agricultural community do it? The short answer is that they need to find innovative ways to use this finite acreage.

Our speaker: David McCall

I’m a public speaker, the host of a podcast called The QTS Experience and an evangelist in the area of IT services and datacenters and the value of data overall.

I grew up in the Data Center and Hybrid IT world. I started twenty five years ago fixing printer queues at The University of Texas and today I am solutioning deployments for the world’s largest hyperscale organizations.

I am most interested in spending my time having conversations with people that use technology and data to help humans flourish, our planet to thrive, and protect a future for your kids and mine.

I believe we can build a community of people who love each other, love our clients and who want to change the world – I just happen to do it within the spectrum of data centers.

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Mar 17 2021


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  • Date: Mar 17 2021
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