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Coaching vs. Feedback: What’s the difference?

As members of the C-Suite, we wear the mantle of leadership in our companies. A mantle is a loose, sleeveless cloak which when you add a light sabre, conjures up images of the Skywalkers. Who doesn’t want to be Luke or Leia Skywalker? Maybe, you already are. Or maybe you are a young Padawan in the order of the Jedi. Either way, you decided to be a leader. And with that leadership comes the responsibility of managing people towards successful outcomes for your business.

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How CTOs Can Improve Their Security Structure

Compliance is a critical aspect of company growth. Every company that operates in the cloud or gathers personal data is subject to international, national, and state laws. So whether you are a three-person entity or a global empire, you should be thinking about compliance risk management. This article provides some basic ideas on how you can build an effective compliance risk management system.

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