Coaching vs. Feedback: What’s the difference?

2023-03-02T06:15:33-08:00January 25, 2022|Blog, Leadership|

As members of the C-Suite, we wear the mantle of leadership in our companies. A mantle is a loose, sleeveless cloak which when you add a light sabre, conjures up images of the Skywalkers. Who doesn’t want to be Luke or Leia Skywalker? Maybe, you already are. Or maybe you are a young Padawan in the order of the Jedi. Either way, you decided to be a leader. And with that leadership comes the responsibility of managing people towards successful outcomes for your business.

How to Build a Compliance Risk Management System

2023-04-02T18:17:33-07:00June 7, 2021|Blog, Scaling CTO, Shield, Technology|

Compliance is a critical aspect of company growth. Every company that operates in the cloud or gathers personal data is subject to international, national, and state laws. So whether you are a three-person entity or a global empire, you should be thinking about compliance risk management. This article provides some basic ideas on how you can build an effective compliance risk management system.

Is Patenting Right for My Company?

2023-04-03T00:07:14-07:00May 17, 2021|Blog, Scaling CTO, Shield, Technology|

Patenting is clearly valuable, but at the same time, not all companies can afford the cost and time required for patenting. How are we as CTOs supposed to gauge when a patent is necessary, especially when we don’t know how successful our products will be? The key, according to Eastman, is being aware of and proactive with IP protection from the beginning of the creative process. This article will explore patents and how CTOs can maximize their protective power.