The Innovative CTO Lab

A one day experience tailored for Chief Technology Officers in the pursuit of transformational leadership and innovative thinking.  Come and meet other CTOs, young and old.  Make new friends and walk away with life long transformation as you build products that change our world.

Session One: Transformative Leadership

Push the boundaries of conventional management by practicing transformative leadership principals based upon highly evolved emotional intelligence competencies.  These practices instill better business judgment, executive presence and influencing skills.

Improve your leadership skills to:

  • Lead & Manage your engineering team
  • Be a highly influential member of the C-Suite Team
  • Speak confidently with the Board / Investor Community / Public

Session Two: The Innovative Pipeline

When two or more digital technologies intersect, the result is an exploding universe of ideas and exciting experiments.  This intersection of technologies is sparking a daring new era in the way we interact, communicate, collaborate and conduct business.  Learn to practice the thinking that leads to products and services that disrupt and reshape how businesses and people use technologies.

Improve your thinking skills to

  • Unleash your creativity
  • Spark disruptive ideas
  • Build innovative communities & environments


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