Almost 30%

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The home has long been a symbol for women. It was their domain, and in a way, that is still the domain for Bridget Frey. However her connection to the home is that she is leading the engineering team of Redfin “the next-generation real estate broker.”

Frey has been the chief technology officer of Redfin for over the past two years, and she started at the company as the director of analytics engineering in 2011. In her current role, she leads the engineering team of 150 employees. Almost 30 percent of her team is women.

A Harvard graduate, with a degree in computer science, Frey says she has been coding since she was five-years-old.

According to recommendations on her LinkedIn profile, Frey has learned the power of blending technical knowledge with the leadership knowledge it takes to develop employees and grow an organization.

“Bridget is a great manager who always looks out for the best interests of all members of her team. She is also very comfortable empowering her team to make the right decisions instead of micromanaging every little detail.”

Sally Helgesen, an organizational leadership consultant and author writes about a type of organizational structure called the Web of Inclusion, which is based on case studies of how women lead organization. Her research shows that women leaders tend to put themselves at the center of an organization rather than at the top of a hierarchy.

This is not to say that this is the leadership style of Frey, as we aren’t aware of her leadership style, but what we do know is that with the increase of women in tech leadership roles there could very possibly be innovations in the sector.

From all of us at 7CTOs, thank you Bridget for being a great example of leadership!

You can follow her on Twitter at @SVBridget