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Global CTO Network

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Dedicated to the larger community of people in Chief Technology Officer roles. Ideal for getting a sense of what other CTOs are talking about as global citizens

7CTOs Community

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Probably our most popular channel dedicated to helping you get more specific questions answered as quickly as possible. A massive time saver.


If you are hiring, post your job openings here and someone from the community may help you fill that position.


If you need to let someone go but you'd like to help them land on their feet, post their resume's here and someone from the community might snap them up


Broaden your network and learn from others with our monthly introductions.


Pick domain specific channels including: agency, agile, coder, crypto, devops, fintech, founder, hardware, health, ml, product, security, tools, etc.


We have several geographic locations for you to join and meet up with people in your city.

7CTOs Executive

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A channel dedicated to announcements specifically for CTOs who are members of our Executive forums


Each forum has their own private channel with 6-8 other CTOs who help each other build and keep momentum as they grow their companies and themselves


A great space to share speaking engagements, board seats, funding and consulting opportunities


We post all our leadership development content for CTOs in this channel


CTOs sharing the books they're reading!


Our annual membership conference is called 0111 and we share the fun, the content and the events in this channel


The number of questions that get answered within 48 hours


CTOs in our community


Peer groups around the world

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