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Opening up our Slack Community for all CTOs

By March 17, 2020March 30th, 2020No Comments

As CTOs we love to solve problems.  As leaders we are called to help our teams work together efficiently.  As a normal day goes, being a leader is hard.  In times of crisis, it becomes exponentially harder.

The COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in isolation as a strategy which has two challenges:

  1. Tactical: how do we help our teams succeed?
  2. Emotional: how do we show up as the best leaders we can be?

The internet is overflowing with tactical help for which there are limitless resources being shared on a daily basis.  Your role as CTO is to make sure that whichever tactics you pick is best suited for your team culture and dynamic.

The emotional component is harder because we don’t always realize that we’re tanking.  While emotions lie behind every decision we make, it is often the most neglected component of our leadership as we navigate each day’s todo list.

The most effective way to nurture your emotional state is to regularly talk to those who are in similar situations are you are.  It requires an intentional state of mind and extra effort to show up.

You are not alone!

As we navigate the current crisis, 7CTOs is opening up our Slack and Zoom community to all CTOs/VPs and technical leaders at no charge.  We want you to feel connected, ask questions, get answers, help others so that we can take care of our mental health together.  Who knows? This pandemic may bring out the most innovative side of you yet!

Join our weekly zoom call

We are taking an extra step to check in on each other every week.  This call is open to absolutely any CTO who needs to check in with other CTOs.  Register here

Join our #community channel on Slack

With over 200 CTOs helping each other on a daily basis, you will definitely be in good hands.  Leadership is situational and we have unbelievable people in our community ready to jump in and help you understand which options are best for you and which aren’t.

Just staying connected is sometimes all we need.

To join Slack, please email us for an invite.

See you soon!

Etienne, founder 7CTOs.