The Many Skill-sets of Technologists

By April 12, 2017 May 5th, 2017 No Comments

Last month Ashley McNamara assumed the role of Principal Technologist at Pivotal Inc. According to her LinkedIn page, in this role, she is responsible for the following:

“Currently a Principal Technologist at Pivotal, I act as a bridge between third party developers and Pivotal, driving platform adoption through the developer community and driving change into products based on real world customer / developer feedback. This involves traveling the world for conferences, organizing events, helping with developer support, building applications that consume our services, teaching workshops, hackathons, and any other opportunities to interact with developers to understand their needs and deliver solutions.”

Sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

Pivotal Inc. assists tech companies in development and company building endeavors: “We enable the leading companies in the world to transform with a modern approach focused on building—not buying—software.”

Coming on the scene in the 90’s, Pivotal has worked with all of the big names, and in the last few years, has helped major companies, like Mercedes and Comcast transform to cloud-native software companies.

And, back to Ashley. She has an artsy background, spending nine years as a freelance photographer, specializing in newborn, pregnancy, and family photography. In her photography career, she also created, developed, and marketed premium Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, and Plugins for photographers around the world.

While we know photography is a technical skill in itself, how did Ashley get to be a principal technologist?

She started as the community manager for Rackspace in 2014, and held roles there in developer advocacy. She became their Director of Technical Communities in 2015.

She’s also a graduate of Hackbright Academy in computer software engineering. Hackbright is a coding academy for women.

She can also sell your house and watch you sign things, as she has a real estate and notary license from American River College.

From all of us at 7CTOs, thank you Ashley for reminding us that technologists come from all different backgrounds, skill-sets and areas of interest. Congrats on your new job.

Follow Ashley on Twitter at @ashleymcnamara